Crime Fiction

The Inspector Briana Ryu Series

Trafficked Dreams

Castro Nights (Coming soon!)

Alcatraz Twilight (Coming soon!)

Rae Hatting Mysteries

Crushed Gardenias


The Fairest of Them



Other Crime Thrillers

Orchestrating Murder

A Killer Montage: A Collection of Short Stories Coming Soon!

Historical Romance

Crossing Paths


Tin Memories

The Soldier’s Secret

Simple Blessings: A Short Story Sequel to The Soldier’s Secret

Bitter Destiny: A Prequel to Bitter Bonds

Bitter Bonds

Divided Destiny Coming Soon!

Science Fiction

Assassin’s Blood (Epirus Book 1)

Assassin’s Love (Epirus Book 2) Coming Soon!

Assassin’s End (Epirus Book 3) Coming Soon!

Anthologies  (in conjunction with other authors)

Eye of Fear