Five Stars for The Soldier’s Secret!

PROMO_WITH ENDORSEMENT-page-001A shiny five star badge from Readers’ Favorite for my latest novel! This is such an honor for me because I feel I put so much of my own blood, sweat, and tears into this novel.

This is the review:
Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite

When her father is severely injured at the family store and Emma discovers that her younger brother has left home to join the Confederate Army, she realizes the only way to get answers about Harrison and her older brother, Will, is to join the army herself. The Soldier’s Secret is really a big one – Emma Mansfield becomes Emmett Hawkins and fights alongside the men of the Union Army in the Civil War. Heather Osborne relates the horrors of the bloodiest war on American soil and the pressures families faced, given the shortage of news regarding loved ones. Emma is fortunate enough to find both brothers as well as her fiance, Colin, who joined the Union forces as a doctor. Together, Emma and Colin escape the front lines in Virginia and the unreasonable attention from an unscrupulous officer who takes this desertion particularly personally. Hiding along the way home to Rochester, NY, Emma and Colin meet some wonderful people who are willing to help. What cost will this have on everyone involved as Timmons pursues the pair?

The Soldier’s Secret by Heather Osborne is a well-told tale of devotion, courage and daring during the course of the American Civil War. The writing is lively and realistic to the time period and the characters bring the action to life – from the drawing room of a wealthy family of the North to the blood and mayhem of the battlefield. Beyond the sorrow and devastation, though, the book clearly demonstrates the importance of family and the lengths to which some people would go to protect their loved ones. Hope keeps everyone grounded as they all wait for the action to play out and for the family to be reunited once more. This is a great story!

The book is available on all Amazon marketplaces and soon will be available in paperback! 🙂

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