My Kingdom, Your Heaven Cover Release

Ebook coverA few months back, my dad approached me and asked if I could help a friend of his get his self-publishing career off the ground. Well, I’m pleased to announce we’ve made a small step towards final publication today with his cover release for “My Kingdom, Your Heaven.”

Scott C. Davis is an historical reenactor, who has penned a historical novel with a paranormal twist. It’s been a pleasure so far to work with him on this project.

Here is the back cover text:

No soul should be lost…

Some ancient tales are written, or whispered, from the lips of generations, young and old. Legends, frozen in time, of brave heroes and soulless villains. Stories that conjure the imagination of valiant knights, riding on steeds, wearing white armor, and swinging a hallowed sword, saving the innocent, and giving back balance to the weak.

But what if the soulless villain, Death himself, inherited a soul? Would you trust him?

A hero doesn’t always have to wear white, rather, he can come in differing shades of black. Not all are born, yet made from the choices they make, and the sacrifices they give.

My Kingdom, Your Heaven.

The day the Angel of Death received a soul, and why he gave it back to save others.

Coming September 19th, 2015.


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