Author Feature: Brooke May

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Author ProfileOn behalf of Iron Claude Author Services, I am proud to present Brooke May, a contemporary romance author!

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Her books:​​​​​​​​

MyCowboy-EmmaAndCade~*~My Cowboy~*~

Growing up in Northeastern Wyoming, Emma Price has always known that the ranching way of life is never easy. After losing her dad, her brother’s illness and now the risk of losing everything that means something to her, Emma is in for a fight. What started off as a routine day of checking on her horses, turned her world upside down with the arrival of an old crush.

Cade Masters spent the last ten years running. After a great tragedy struck unexpectedly he hit the road thinking no one cared. Now he is back and wanting the life he use to have on the Price Ranch. How will Emma handled her life now that Cade is back in it and wanting to pick up where he left off?

Will Emma forgive him and allow him into her heart again or will she push him away?
Life can change at the drop of a hat and the unexpected always takes you by surprise.

My Cowboy _8e copy~*~Faith in My Cowboy~*~

Maddi Barnett was used to living a solitary life until a handsome soldier cowboy saved her. Feelings she never knew started to blossom in her life.

A happy life is what she wanted with Tucker Price, even after his injury. And they seemed completely set up for a life together, until tragedy hit and things changed drastically.
Tucker loses his way and pushes Maddi away. Unsure on what to do, Maddi is faced with two choices; give up and move home or fight for her love.

Can Maddi heal from the heartbreak and possibly save Tucker? Will others cause untold damage to save a relationship for them?

Faith is a strong thing; it helps the weak become stronger, others grow in the belief of another, and sometimes you need enough to help heal someone you love. And that’s why Maddi has faith in her cowboy.

**Faith in My Cowboy is part of a series, it is book two of the My Cowboy Series. But it can be read as a stand-alone, but for a better grasp of the story, please read after My Cowboy. Has HEA.**
18+ audience
Loved By My Cowboy Teaser 2 copy

~*~Loved by My Cowboy~*~

Six years ago, Libby Jones’ life was turned on it’s head. Abandoned and pregnant, Libby changed her carefree, reckless life for both her and her son. There would be no more random hookups and no more partying. Dylan’s entrance into her life was a blessing and changed everything in her life. Yet, nearly six years later, Libby is still discovering how much things in the past had changed her. The strong person Libby once was is now lost and confused with a man who wants nothing more than to love her and Dylan.

Justin Foster has always been interested in Libby, past and present, and he has never hidden that fact. He’s back in Elk Field for good now and has his sights on finally getting Libby as his. He will do anything and everything to prove to her that he has changed and they could be wonderful together.
Twists, turns, and crazy surprises await Libby. Is she ready for the ride?

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