When You Meet An Author….

Try not to squeal like you’re going to jump out of your skin! Okay, I did before I met her, but that’s not important. Please. Don’t mention how I danced around the living room like a fool or bounced around in the bed until my husband told me to shut up and go to bed…..*hides*


Maria Snyder and I

Maria V. Snyder (http://www.mariavsnyder.com/), author of the Study series and Chronicles of Ixia, kindly agreed to meet with me and another girl outside of her signing in Edinburgh yesterday. She graciously spent three hours with us, talking of everything from family, her books, what inspires her, what inspires us, and anything in between (including the weird weather, which went from sun to wind to rain to snow and back again!).

I have to say, it was one of the BEST moments of my life, topped only by marrying my husband and having Alex, my son, so far!

She showed me what kind of author I aspire to be. I try to respond to everyone who messages me and make sure they feel they are worth my time because, hell, all readers who find my books in the slew of titles on Amazon and read them ARE worth my time!

She signed every book in the Study series for me. I mean, zowwie! And….she took away a signed copy of “The Soldier’s Secret” from me! I about fell over.

PoisonMagic Fire Shadow

11024607_10153812675178228_4649053974408458519_nI have to stress, she didn’t have to meet with us. She didn’t have to sign all my book copies (the girl with me, Tori, had every book by Maria V. Snyder…hi Tori! We’re Facebook friends now!). BUT she did! And I will forever remember her for it, as if I could forget!

Anyways, to wrap up, it was a BRILLIANT day! I have renewed vigor and I feel so humbled by the entire experience! Take chances, live life, have no regrets!

Happy reading!

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