Illicit Corruption series

Early on in my writing career, I penned a dark erotica series. Illicit Corruption Volumes 1&2 chronicled the turbulent life of Christine, a woman under the control of a very troubled dominant man. I made no secret of his twisted nature when I wrote it. Now, coming in October, I’ll be completing the series, bringing it full circle. Redemption: Illicit Corruption Volume 3 will complete my foray into this strange world.

Illicit Corruption cover trial

Illicit Corruption: Volume One


Into Christine’s day to day drudgery, secret messages begin to arrive. A strange yet tantalizing man sends her notes, dripping with promises of a better and more fulfilling life, filled with exotic adventures and dark pleasures, hers for the taking. Certain that she is meant for bigger things, Christine wants desperately to believe them. Even darker, however, are her admirer’s secrets. Will this mysterious stranger be her savior or her doom?


Illicit volume 2 cover man

Illicit Corruption: Volume Two:


Carrying a permanent reminder of a man she thought she loved, Christine must find a way to live with the web of lies she used to put him away for good. However, life does not always mean life for the criminally insane, especially when you’re obsessed with a fantasy.


Illicit 2 teaser Illicit Corruption Volume 2 teaser

Illicit Corruption- Volume 3Repemption (1)

Illicit Corruption Volume 3: Redemption

Blurb: TBA


Redemption teaser

I hope to be announcing a definite publication date for Redemption soon!

Until then, happy reading!

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