Flash Nano: Day #3

Day #3 Prompt: Write a story where something disappears.

Sara groaned audibly as she rummaged through the pile of laundry on the couch. “Where are they, damn it?” She grumbled, moving onto the endless stack of paperwork and bills on the kitchen table. “I’m gonna be late!”

Letting out a scream of outrage, she knocked the latest stack to the floor. A blue envelope spun out and she recognized the shaky handwriting. How had she missed the letter from her favorite great-aunt? Forgetting the search for her car keys, she sat on one of the wooden chairs and opened the letter. She extracted several pages of paper, her great-aunt’s floaty cursive writing covering both sides.

As she read, she smiled at the recounting of daily life, bridge games, and casual conversations with friends. As always, there was the pertinent advice and commentary on how Sara was living her life. She signed it ‘with love’ and reminded her to be happy. A warm, fuzzy feeling flooded Sara’s heart, and she set aside the letter, promising to write back once she returned from her appointment.

The search for the car keys continued, interrupted by the insistent ringing of her cell phone. “Hello?”

“Oh, hi, Mom.”

“What? Dead? When…how…?”

Sara felt her knees give way, and the warm feeling disappeared.

Something sad, but based on a true story.

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